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Alexandre Sanchez

You just met Alexandre Sanchez (alex73630)

Otterly Space founder, Backend and NodeJS Solutions Expert

Here is a quick overview of my work

I'm a software engineer

With over 9 years of experience coding in NodeJS, I gained the expertise and knowledge to fill the role of a software engineer.

Complex applications need to be built with a solid foundation, and I can help you build yours.

With my experience, I built multiple applications, from simple websites to complex applications with millions of users.

I'm an entrepreneur

After years of freelance work, I decided to create my own company, Otterly Space. We aim to help businesses building their next product.

Our goal is to give both the technical and business expertise to our clients, to help them build the best product possible.

We focus on getting the product out to the market as fast as possible, using modern technologies and best practices that allows to iterate while scaling to millions.

I'm a live content creator

I have a 10 year expertise in live content creation and livestream technologies.

From setting up a simple livestream to creating a custom live experience for your audience, I can help you step up your content creation game.

Over the years, I created multiple tools and custom experiences that were viewed by thousands live viewers from dozens of creators.

Tools for the Piquet de Stream, KaLeeVision, Aspecticor and many more.

What can Otterly Space do for you

Fast delivery

Our team is renowned for its ability to deliver quickly without compromising on quality. This means you can get your product or service to market faster and gain a competitive advantage.

Seamless collaboration

We are able to seamlessly join existing teams, which means less time wasted trying to synchronize processes and more time to focus on achieving your goals.

Strategic recommendations

Whether you've already launched your product or are still in the design phase, we're here to guide you. We offer tailored recommendations at every stage of your journey, ensuring that you make the right decisions at the right time.